Enjoy your pool and leave the maintenance hassles to us. Our maintenance plan includes a free warranty with all repairs. Our technicians are skilled mechanically, electrically, and in plumbing. Rates as low as 129.00 monthly. Call or text us at: 832-385-6170 for your free estimate.

Residential Pools

We clean our residental pools weekly. You can count on your pool to be clean for the weekend! Special event cleaning no additional charge. All chemicals are included.


We take care of all maintenance based on the manufacturers recommendations. All maintenance is included in your month service fee. Monthly customers benefit from discounted rates on any necessary parts and installation. Two filter overhauls a year are recommended.

Green to Clean

Is your pool a complete disaster? Aquamatic Pool Services can get your pool back in shape in just a few days and typically, for just a few hundred dollars. Professional maintenance weekly will ensure your pool stays sparkling clean.


Buying a home with a pool? Don't be blind sided by a laundry list of repairs. We do pool inspections. Take the worry out and put the bargaining power in your hands.

Greener Pool Chemicals

We have made a choice to use organic pool chemicals whenever possible. If we can avoid harsh chemicals, we do it. It cost us a little more but we feel it provides a better service for you while caring for the environment.

Text 2 Clean

Aquamatic Pool Services Text 2 Clean service can be added to your residential pool service. You text-we clean. It's that simple!